LXME rebrands to LMX.com (Liquid Market Exchange)


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LXME, Giuseppe Graziano’s Liquid Domain Market Exchange that launched in September 2018, is rebranding today to LMX.com, which stands for Liquid Market Exchange.

“The purpose of LMX is to create a safe environment in which investors are able to trade liquid domains quickly, efficiently and at low fees.”

Here are some of the features of the new platform:

  • You can now list One Word .com domains if they match certain quality criteria, the most important one being that the domain appraised value has to be above $10k Estibot.
  • You can now list 3C, 4L and 5N .com domains, as long as they have an appraised value of at least $10k Estibot.
  • Platform fees for a transaction are 7.5% (with a $1k min fee and escrow.com fees covered by the buyer). However, to incentivate users to list domains, we are offering a reduced 5% fee for each domain listed and activated before the 7th of May 2020.
Some of the existing features of the platform:
  • The platform is invitation-only, however, if you own a domain supported by the platform, you can use the self qualification process to create an account.
  • The users are able to create opportunity alerts, so they can get instantly notified when domains that match their criteria are listed.
  • The platform is destined to investor-only, and we encourage users not to post domains with end user price.

Source: https://onlinedomain.com/2020/05/01...e-rebrands-to-lmx-com-liquid-market-exchange/