and sell for a lot less the second time around


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Looking at Friday’s closing aftermarket sales saw a few names close for a lot less the second time around.

There were also a few names that did much better selling for 4 or 5 times their previous reported number. this name sold at NameJet for $529 on 5/1/19 and closed on Friday at $2,549 closed at $910 the domain sold for $170 two years ago on GoDaddy.

FUND.TO closed at $760 on it sold two years ago for $321 on was sold for $4,500 on Uniregistry in 2017 and went for $380 on Friday at DropCatch. the third time around closed at $660 on NameJet, previously the name sold for $2,950 USD in 2015 at NameJet, previously it went for just $123 at NameJet in 2011. sold for $4,000 on Uniregistry in 2017, it closed on Friday for $790 at GoDaddy. sold for $5,000 on Uniregistry in 2018, closed at Dynadot for $721 on Friday. sold for $4,000 at Sedo in 2015, it closed for $401 on Friday at GoDaddy.

From what a coincidence file closed for the same exact price on the same day in 2013, $196.