Universal Terms of Service Agreement

Please read this universal terms of condition with care and attention. This agreement contains critical information about your legal rights and solutions

  1. Overview
    The universal terms of service agreement is entered into by and between dab.com.bd and You. This is made effective from the day of the start of use of the services of the website or the date of electrical acceptance. The Agreement sets the terms and conditions of use of the services purchased and features used within the website. Specific agreements and policies apply to certain services within the website in addition to this agreement. If there is a conflict between specific and general terms, the general terms are to be followed.

    The terms “We”, “us”, “Our” refers to dab.com.bd while “You”, “your”, “user”, “customer” would be referred to the person accepting this agreement, has access to the services of your account and no third

  2. Modification of Agreement, site, services
    Any alteration, modification, addition, removal of any terms, services, features of the site is only possible by dab.com.bd. Your accepting this agreement constitutes your approval of the modifications made by the site. Disagreeing with this agreement constitutes to you not using services. You will be notified by email about changes and modifications. Failure to notify may arise from inaccurate email address submission by the user. Any deviation or violation from the terms of this condition will result in the breach of this agreement. dab.com.bd reserves the right to modify, alter, change or discontinue any services or aspects of the site including pricing and fees functions if necessary.

  3. Eligibility; Authority
    The site’s services are only available for individuals or users who can formulate legally binding documents under applicable law and authorities. The use of this site and services signal that you are at least Eighteen (18) years of age or you are recognized as capable of entering into legal agreements under applicable law or you are not barred from purchasing services found under the Laws of United States or any other jurisdiction which is applicable.

    If you are entering on behalf of an enterprise or an organization then “you”, “your, ''user ``,''customer `` would be referred to as the corporate entity granted that your are rightly authorized to bind legal documents and enter agreements by the said organization or enterprise. If after the electronic acceptance you are found to be not eligible to bind legal documents by the organization, you will personally be responsible for the obligations in this agreement including and not limited to your payment obligation. dab.com.bd will not be responsible for personal loss or damages for cooperation with the organization’s authoritative bodies deemed legitimate by dab.com.bd. In case of authentication of the organization’s representatives you are obliged to provide assistance and so will any person with access to services of the site with your account.

  4. Your Account
    For you to access some of the features and services in this site you are required to create an account. You assure and warrant that the information in the account creation process is accurate and complete beyond doubt. Any exposure to information of the information being untrue to dab.com.bd will reserve the right to terminate your account. You are solely responsible for your activities on the site and the preservation for your information including payment details, account password and additional details. It is suggested by DAB that you change your password once every six months. You should notify dab.com.bd of any unauthorized activity with immediacy. dab.com.bd would not be responsible for any loss of data or personal information due to unauthorized activities on your account.

  5. General Rules Of Conduct
    • Your use of the site and your account will comply to the terms and conditions of this agreement regarding use, payment, behavior and will abide by local, national and International laws thereby.
    • You will not collect, manipulate, harvest any user information, content or any non-public data regarding other users without their direct consent or compliance
    • You will not use the services and features of this site that: is illegal, promotes child pornography, terrrism or violence of any kind, spams or sends unauthorized emails, Vilolates any Ryan Haight Online Pharmacy Consumer Protection Act of 2008, Violates the Fight Online Sex Traficking Act of 2017, Infringes any intellectual property, Violates any integrity and privacy of other users, Interferes with operations of this site, Contains small viruses or digital malware, Contains any false or misleading information.
    • You will not distribute parts of this website to any other medium without the consent of dab.com.bd authority
    • You will not modify or alter any parts of this website without proper authorization
    • You will not access site content in any manner or medium other than the site itself
    • You will backup your content willingly for your access needs. dab.com.bd does not provide backup facilities and you accept the repercussions of not backing up sata
    • You will not resell or distribute dab.com.bd technologies without p[roper authorization to do so
    • You are not allowed to avoid, side-step or ignore any security measures needed for use and set up by dab.com.bd
    • You are obliged to provide Government issued ID or photographs when such methods are warranted
    • You will allow DAB to call and contact you for account related details and activities
    • You comply to dab.com.bd’s right to alter change, cancel, prohibit features, services or user rights if such need arises

  6. Protection of Your data
    dab.com.bd provides services for which you might need to submit personal details and information along with submission of payment details and other sensitive information. Your data excludes anything that is deemed user data. Your data is under protection and will not be shared with any other user, entity or any third party unless legal authority provides express authority to do so.

  7. User Content
    During the services provided DAB may allow users to publish, post, store, manage ideas, opinions, views in form of forum posts and discussions. You may also post literary, artistic musical content in the form of Video or Images. Your user content can be used by dab.com.bd. dab.com.bd has express authority and right to use any content and intellectual property psted within the website. This includes user submissions, user content and any other content submitted by the user on to the website.

  8. Availability of Website services
    dab.com.bd is a 24 hours and 7 days a week based service that provides its service and site for the benefit of the users. You will allow website operations to cease, stop or delayed in case of technical malfunctions, maintenance, replacements, repairs and also in the case of unforeseeable events like telecommunication or digital failures, hostile network attacks, network congestion and or more. You authorize that uncontrollable and unavoidable instances like such are beyond our control and can result in the failure of service for unspecified durations.

  9. Monitoring of Content
    dab.com.bd constantly monitors user submissions and user content posted and shared on the site. dab.com.bd reserves the right to inform, moderate, manipulate, remove or cause any alteration of user content when dab.com.bd deems it unauthorized or unsuitable for the website. Further use of such means of content posting might result in the termination of the account.

  10. Discontinued Services
    dab.com.bd provides various services of various types and holds the right to cease offering and discontinue any of its services. Users will be notified by dab.com.bd about the termination of such services. dab.com.bd holds no responsibility for any loss accrued for the discontinuation of a service in any manner.

  11. Fees and Payments
    Your payment options will be specified and endorsed by dab.com.bd upon creation of account. Regarding payment and fees there are multiple baseline rules which include

    • Services are to be paid at the time of order with no dues left
    • Price changes are subject to dab.com.bd decisions and market standards and will be accepted by users
    • Payment methods are to be specified properly with specific details which are legitimate
    • The refund application will be according to the refund policy of dab.com.bd and we cannot confirm when the refund will reach you and that lies with the payment medium you accomplished the original payment with
    • You are to follow the prescribed billing dates according to your payment cycle
    • Auto renewal dates will be informed beforehand and auto renewal activities will happen similarly with payment mediums and to payment methods
    • Check payments will be done either physically or wire transfer of funds must be issued
    • International payment options need to comply with dab.com.bd’s authorized payment mediums and need to be specified beforehand.

  12. Additional Reservation of rights
    dab.com.bd reserves the rights to terminate, cease, lock any feature for any reason deemed appropriate to correct any mistakes made by dab.com.bd while providing service, correct any mistake by any domain registrerer, to assist with fraud detection or any action against violation, to assist authorities regarding Law And Order, to resolve any disputes, to avoid any criminal liability and prosecution.

  13. No Spam
    DAB believes in safe and undisturbed service with proper so dab.com.bd has a No Spam policy and prohibits any user from using our services to use spam. Spam is unauthorized and unsolicited bulk messages through various mediums such as:

    • Email
    • Windows system messages
    • Newsletter
    • Web ads
    • Instant messages
    • Chat room invitations
    • Text messages

  14. Copyright Policy
    DAB has very strict principles regarding protection of intellectual properties and has set up services to listen to grievances regarding copyright violations.

  15. Link To third party websites
    dab.com.bd has services that might include third party providers and hold no responsibility for transgressions caused by the third party to users as dab.com.bd do not own any third party service providers. So dab.com.bd will not be held liable for any damages caused by actions by the third party whatsoever.

  16. Disclaimer of representations
    You are a user of this website and its services and will be responsible for the actions yourself. You cannot hold any dab.com.bd employee, management responsible for your transgressions. Any banner or promotional material you advertise is your own responsibility and none of dab.com.bd’s. No content can be deemed legal counsel or financial advice found on dab.com.bd.

  17. Limitation of Liability
    In no case shall any party of dab.com.bd’s employee, management be responsible for any damages any information of this site, any services linked in the site, Personal injury, unauthorized access, hostile, malware, X-rated content, or any other damages incurred through the use of this site.

  18. Compliance with Local Laws
    Users will comply with Local law and regulations while using dab.com.bd services. dab.com.bd shall not be responsible for any violations of local laws while using dab.com.bd services.

  19. Unclaimed Property
    If the customer has an outstanding balance on payments, bounced check or any other payment issues for more than three years dab.com.bd will contact local authorities to deal with the situation in this case.

  20. Successors and Assigns
    This agreement binds that the services will be transferred to their heirs, successors and assigned person.

  21. No Third Party Beneficiaries
    This agreement binds that no third party shall be able to benefit from the agreement of service other than DAB and the user.

  22. Titles and Headings
    The titles and headings of this document is used for convenience and time constraints and cannot be used to construe or manipulate meaning of the agreement contents. Any legal action otherwise in futile and impossible to pursue.