dab.com.bd is dedicated with the buy and sales of domains in auction. Domains are quite important part of your online venture, be it a website for a business or a portfolio site to promote yourself or a blog that you are passionate about. If you don’t have a domain then basically you don’t have any site. So finding a suitable domain is a first priority for you. If you aren’t looking to buy, you might want to sell domains that you already bought. Looking for good sources to sell and bargaining can be tiresome. dab.com.bd understand the important needs of buying and selling domains. So, DAB has brought is the most convenient possible options for domain buy-sale

Buying Domains
Buying domains is easy with dab.com.bd. DAB has a variety of great domains categorized into multiple types. These include Agency, Business, careers, Celebrity, Computers, e-commerce, Education, family & Lifestyle, FInance and more. You can get popular extensions .com,.net,.org,.xyz and more of the popular in demand extensions in DAB. You can sign up and as a Buyer and the domains are listed in the buy domains portions. You can enter the auction method and bid for your desired domains. It’s that much easier.

Selling Domains
Selling Domains can be a headache if you don’t know a reliable source. DAB has you covered on that front. You can register as a seller by filing in your credentials and email address. Then you can communicate with DAB authorities. It can be a very problematic endeavour to bargain with probable buyers about your domain. If there are multiple domains on offer that makes the work troublesome. DAB has you covered in that area. DAB has a domain auction system in action. Probable buyers bid for your domain name. You can get the best possible prices for your domains and you don’t really have to worry about getting into a bargaining dispute anymore.

DAB brings ease to the work of buying and selling domains. Your needs as a buyer are kept in mind and so are your demands as a seller. As a buyer you have autonomy and bid for the best domain names. This frees you from any other complications as your bid is the price you pay. On top of that, as a seller the auction system frees you from individually bargaining and assures great prices for domains. Multi category domains and all the popular extensions are available. DAB has your needs for Domain trading work covered.